Sales Assessment

Identify Strong Salespeople

Measure critical characteristics for sales success.

Assess key characteristics of sales success

Compare the degree to which a participant’s achievement and motivation, work strengths, interpersonal strengths, and intrapersonal characteristics are similar to those of successful salespeople.

Evaluate comfort with building new client relationships

Measure the specific type of initiative required for sales activities such as telemarketing, door-to-door sales, and other cold-calling approaches that help salespeople forge new client relationships. 

Explore sales closing characteristics

Examine the degree to which a participant possesses characteristics that aid in success while attempting to close a sale, such as being able to influence or “sell” others.

Key Sales Characteristics

Oveall Sales Success
Sales disposition, cold calling ability, and sales closing skills

Sales-Related Motivation & Achievement
Follow-through, commitment to achieving, and degree of competitiveness

Work Strengths
Strategically planning, taking independent initiative, ability to work interdependently, and leadership traits

Sales-Focused Interpersonal Strengths
Assertiveness, tact and diplomacy, social extroversion, and comfort in working closely with others

Sales-Based Inner Resources
Relaxed style, patience, and self-assurance

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