Employee Development

Assessment & Development Plans

Use data to grow your most valuable resource.

Developmental assessment reports provide a detailed participant analysis

In addition to a one-page executive summary, developmental assessment reports present a competency-based narrative of the participant’s strengths, developmental opportunities, and recommendations for continued growth.

Developmental strategies based on your employee's data

Suggestions for continued development are included with developmental assessments. These insights feature strategies for maximizing your team member’s current role success and equipping him or her with the skills necessary for advancement. Suggestions also serve as the foundation for creation of a more detailed development plan.

Development plan creation

Based on the results of a participant’s developmental assessment, our consultants create a personalized plan identifying up to three developmental goals, each accompanied by specific strategies and recommendations. Multi-modal recommendations for development ignite skill growth for all learning styles. Plans feature clear benchmarks, aiding managers and HR professionals in monitoring participant progress.

The OAP Domain Model™

Dozens of data points are analyzed within the framework of our concise yet comprehensive model: six common competencies that provide unparalleled insight into your most valuable resource.

The OAP Domain Model™

The OAP Domain Model™ is a framework of six common competencies that analyze foundational, refining, and driving forces that predict role success. The model’s six competencies are derived from common organizational competency models, over a decade of extensive assessment experience, and qualitative analysis of leading employee competencies research.

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