Promotion Assessment

Identify Tomorrow’s Leaders

Identify high potentials for advancement to the next level.

Clear recommendation & detailed candidate analysis

Promotion assessment reports include a one-page executive summary that provides a clear recommendation regarding the participant’s readiness for advancement. Subsequent pages present a competency-based narrative of the participant’s strengths, developmental opportunities, and recommendations for continued growth.

Data-based follow-up interview questions & suggestions for continued development

Reports include follow-up interview questions to explore potential challenges uncovered in the participant’s assessment results. Suggestions for continued development provide insightful strategies for maximizing your team member’s success in his or her current and future roles.

Validity coefficient greater than .65

OAP’s most popular promotion assessment boasts a validity coefficient greater than .65. (For reference, the U.S. Department of Labor requires a coefficient higher than .35 for a test to be “very beneficial” in predicting success.)

The OAP Domain Model™

Dozens of data points are analyzed within the framework of our concise yet comprehensive model: six common competencies that provide unparalleled insight into your team member’s readiness for promotion.

Assess managerial and leadership potential

OAP’s proprietary Management and Leadership Index provides a quantitative rating of the participant’s capacity for successfully leading and managing others. Since most participants are under consideration for advancement to managerial or higher roles, this service is often added to promotion assessments.

The OAP Domain Model™

The OAP Domain Model™ is a framework of six common competencies that analyze foundational, refining, and driving forces that predict role success. The model’s six competencies are derived from common organizational competency models, over a decade of extensive assessment experience, and qualitative analysis of leading employee competencies research.

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